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Seva for my Alma Mater – #WellReadWednesday

Last week, I had the pleasure of installing a classroom Free Little Library to my high school Alma Mater!
As a stewardess of libraries, I have been avidly collecting books from friends and family so that I can stop, drop, and SEVA. I love visiting these libraries, and now I am able to refill them when needed. My high school English teacher knew of my efforts with our own Free Little Library (link to post here), and we concluded that her classroom absolutely needed a full shelf of books!(Picture of the bookshelf BEFORE)(Picture of the bookshelf after!)

Seva is a Sanskrit word that describes the act of selfless service. Its meaning is said to be embodied by the root words saha, meaning “with that,” and eva, meaning “too,” which together mean “together with.” (taken from

Meet my favorite high school English teacher! 🙂 In each of her classes, she reserves time, every time, for independent reading! Out of books and looking to enrich the high schoolers, she has been actively encouraging the students to bring their own books from home and keep them on the classroom shelf for sharing and availability.

Meanwhile, I have been collecting books like a banshee! All of my friends, family and coworkers have been so supportive of our Corder Collective efforts to be stewards of access. With two rolling suitcases and a pep in my step, these two teachers had a great time filling shelves with books. As we looked through the pages of the magical books that were donated to this effort, we crooned when we found a book from her own class 15 years ago. Inside of the cover of Great Expectations was scrawled, Mrs. Favela’s 9th Grade English. These universe winks remind us that we are exactly where we need to be!Book cover painted by a student. I am so inspired! Thank you for the ideas that came from seeing such magnificent, one of a kind art.

I am still avidly collecting books and need to refill 3 this week! If you live in the San Diego effort and are moved by our efforts, email me for a book drop-off:

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That 70’s Yoga – This Week’s #WellReadWednesdays

Welcome to our hOMe! I am an eternal decorator. Pieces of furniture find US, and I am happy to swallow them whole, turn them into pearls and spit out a new environment for us to occupy.


I have many sacred yoga texts that I reference regularly, and Josh properly showcased them in our new cube set up. I wanted to share 🙂Many of the books were required materials for various trainings, but there are a few gems that fell into my path.

The Inner Tradition of Yoga was gifted to me by a dear friend, thanks Jamaica, and I have loved my journey with it so far! I only need  to sip on a few pages, and I have food for thought for the day. I have read a few resonating quotes in asana class and would include this book in my own teacher training, if I had one!

The second book, retro and glorious, was a lovely used bookstore find in Oakland, CA. I was visiting my very best friend, and we have a newfound tradition of ordering lattes, eating chocolate, and shopping at bookstores. That’s a ritual I can easily adapt to! Love you Lydia. I cherish this $6 funky find and have rarely used it as reference. The asanas are advanced, to put it lightly. Cute!

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Free Little Library Fridays!

Long before I was a stewardess of my own Free Little Library, I was an avid seeker of FLLs across the Pacific Northwest and San Diego! I have a phenomenal collection of photos of libraries and wanted to share some of my….inventory. I named this first one, LEND me your EAR, due to the EAR knob. My bestie and I discovered both libraries shown on a hike in San Diego as we passed through residential areas. One hike was near Solana Beach, and the other in good ole North Park. I will always stop, drop and FLL if I see one! They bring me such joy, and I keep ample books in my backseat in the true spirit of: TAKE A BOOK, LEAVE A BOOK (if you can and are able!!!) (Photos from June 2017)