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S1E21 – Posh Spice

You know it’s gonna be a good episode when its 1 hour and 11 minutes!

Woow, what a sacred number. GOLLY- these two gals are trying not to cuss as much, as needed. Sometimes, you need alternatives, aka when you get visceral reactions from others when you drop a motherfucker ass bomb. It happens, man. And so, we try out new dad phrases, and we hope you enjoy this week’s tips and tricks for selling on Poshmark, shopping sustainably, and stuffing your mouth with food n’ weed!  As tradition, we feature Great Housekeeping-Adrianna reminds us that Kelli never told her ghost story! Tune in for our Matilda experiences with doors; drop a line if you’ve ever had some spooky door stories. We’d lurve to hear them!  

My arm is racing!  

Our Episode 21 Creature comforts include a lot of dankness:  (Before recording, Kell picked up some hot n’ fresh) Dark Horse Coffee oat milk salted maple lattes Horse Coffee Roasters  we love a good poop! Clayborne Co. – flower and keef da sneek FLYERS twopack 26% THC XJ-13 cute lil 2pack is really the move for you and your bestie!  

Name Drops: A quest for minimalism with the minimalists: Minimalists   Some issues with a troubling college class that Centered Whiteness a little too much, as expected:   Mom Talk: Tokenizing Black Children Is Not White Allyship ( White Women, We Have Officially Run Out Of Excuses | ELLE AustraliaWhy I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge  

Kelli shares some great tips and tricks for selling on Poshmark, as well as customer service woes- tune in to hear more! We love talking all things recycled fashion. Use codeword ‘teensy tinsy shoes’ if you really want to get serious with us.   

Our small business for this week- SIPZ! SIPZ is Kelli’s favorite restaurant of all time, so this week is really serious. Sipz Vegetarian Kitchen | Vegan | Menu | Clairemont | San Diego,    Hear what Kelli orders every week, like clockwork. We love 346 appetizers for dinner. @sipzcafe Capishe? We love you!

Muse Monday · Vegan

Vegan Quesadilla Tacos – Muse Monday

Quarantine quesadilla alert!

My staple diet includes corn tortillas, veggies, and the occasional vegan cheese. Hence, my experimentation with all three! I am a native San Diegan missing all of my usual spots to eat Mexican food. Yes, I can order to go, but I eat out for the environment and ambiance! Always have. I feel like I can cook better than most places I like to eat, but it’s the journey and ‘date night vibes’ that really excites me. Plus, I have food allergy contamination anxiety, so cooking at home is usually my go-to! Day 41 of this pandemic, however, and I am fixin’ for a CA burrito.

Call me quarantined, but I have made quesadillas in lieu of taco shells, indefinitely.


10 lbs heavier

Teacher Tuesday · Vegan

I did it! Vegan Bucket Listing Over Here with Tofu – #TeacherTuesdays

Thank you, Anissa, for teaching me how to cook tofu!

Anyone else epically fail multiple times at tofu and give up?! Me too! You aren’t alone. Every time I have tried to fry medium/firm tofu, I have epically failed. I love tofu dishes at my local Vegan restaurant. I order them religiously and have for years. Perhaps it’s this pandemic, or also the fact that tofu is 90% cheaper than BEYOND BEEF, that I have turned to friends for help!

Anissa set me straight and reminded me to DRAIN THE LIQUID. If there are any takeaways from this blog post, it is to PRESS your tofu for 10-15 minutes (if you do not have a tofu press, which you don’t because you’re learning how to cook tofu), and then continuously drain the liquid.

I was apprehensive because I cook in cast iron, and if your pan is not perfectly oiled and coated, foods like tofu and eggs can stick. I greased my cast iron, and pressed my tofu between two cast iron pans for 10 minutes, draining the liquid every 3-4 minutes.

If we were building a sandwich from the bottom up, think:

Plate, Tofu, Plate, Cast Iron Pan like a Cherry on top

I seasoned my tofu with Worcestershire, Sesame Oil, Olive Oil, Tamari Sauce, and Garlic Salt. IT WAS AMAZING.

Cheap eats, great vegan addition, and my skin feels great after. I have been wondering if soy upsets my skin, and so far, no reports 🙂

Teach me your ways,


Want to support me and our collective? Practice chair yoga with me, be my friend on Instagram and Facebook, and take care of yourself 🙂 All levels yoga here:

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Soyrizo Burrito Bowl – Vegan EATS Sprinkled with Signs from the Universe

A lovely meal indeed- these photos are so special to me! When I need to meditate and travel elsewhere, I take myself to this very scene. Let me paint it for you!

In 2018, my lovely commune of 5 OMies, 1 dog, and 4 chickens was forced to disband, as we received an eviction notice from our landlord. Since then, this house has been torn down. We mourned for this house. Yes, we were sad that we had to disperse and go our separate ways, but we were also saddened by this historic house being torn down.

We felt honored to be the last people that lived in the house before it was torn down. She was celebrating her 100th birthday, as this house was built in 1918 and smelled, looked, and mimicked all other old houses in the Hillcrest and North Park area.

On one of our last mornings in the house, I cooked myself breakfast. I know it was the last time I sat at a table and chair and ate a meal there- as I am sure that we packed these bowls and mugs shortly after this picture was taken.

First, the food- SOYRIZO gluten free burrito bowl ingredients:

  • Soyrizo- cooked until crunchy and crumbly
  • can of black beans
  • a bed of Late July corn tortilla ships
  • 1 ripe organic avocado– none better than from here in San Diego!
  • -sauteed garlic, yellow onion and a few red/orange peppers
  • -blop of garlic hummus

I took my gigantic bowl of soyrizo, and my coffee (I wonder where that starbucks mermaid cup went….) and I sat down underneath a lattice-worked patio. The wisteria had beautifully bloomed over the house, an unexpected surprise. Blankets of purple, gorgeous smells, and whimsical winds whipped through our patio. All good things come to an end, and the petals started to fall. In fact, they fell into my food and my coffee, which prompted some research.

Wisteria is edible! So, when lovely purple flowers float into your meal space- EAT EM. I can close my eyes and sit at this patio, swaying with the plumey purple breeze and munching on this meal. To date, one of our most favorite meals. We make it once a week, I’m sure of it!

Thanks for reading. I love vegan eats and love suggestions! For today’s Thankful Thursday, I am truly thankful for the time to look back and reflect on old photos and memories. It has been very therapeutic, a great privilege, and an unforeseen benefit of this restorative pandemic. I will never take access to vegan food for granted! Thank you quarantine for humbling me and reminding me of how truly grateful I am for food. Let’s just say…I can’t wait to eat out at every vegan restaurant in San Diego when this is over! I miss the luxury of being cooked for. My musings….

Need free and accessible chair yoga for yourself, your grandma, your loved one, your next family dinner? Pull up a chair and join me!

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Beyond Korean BBQ Bowl – A Vegan and Gluten Free #ThankfulThursday

A picture of my lap, as I wear all of my husband’s clothes. Feels like home 🙂
I loved this sauce as much as I loved having these nails!
Our gorgeous Rhodesian Ridgeback Black Lab Great Dane MIX Mutt, Pinecone
Tastes even better than it looks, and tasted much saltier than takeout, but with considerably less salt! WIN!

Recently, we brought a cooking kit that taught us how to make Korean BBQ tacos! Totally gluten free and vegan, it was one of the best meals that I have had in 2020, hands down. Definitely top 3 best Beyond Beef recipes! Anywho…

For $19.99 full price, sometimes cheaper with a coupon, I cannot afford to cook Korean BBQ for two! I would rather go out to dinner and have someone else cook for me – *coughcough* Plant Power, Sipz….

I decided to make a different variation- I introduce to you: The BEYOND Korean BBQ BOWL! Servings: 4


-black rice

-fresh green onions and garlic for garnish

-black sesame seeds for garnish (I found on amazon in bulk for $6; this will last our party of 2 for about 2 years!)

-Beyond Beef ground beef- 1lb (typically $9.99, I always buy when on sale for $7.99 or less)

-chopped onion, carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, snap peas

– 1 bottle of SEOUL KALBI SAUCE ($4.99- Whole Foods Market)

So simple! Cook the garlic, onions and beef together until golden brown. Add veggies, stir. Add sauce, stir. Add rice, stir. EAT, stir it up, little darlin’!

Instagram: @kellicorder @cordercollective

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Diaper Wreath Catcher – this week's #MuseMonday

Thank you for the inspiration, Sarah!
Should I make a tutorial on how to make this?

On this week’s Muse Monday, I nostalgically looked through my Etsy shop and chose one of my favorite custom orders!

I love custom orders! Truly, receiving a custom order allows the artist in me to grow and thrive. Like a chameleon, I love to adapt and change to the surroundings around me. In my regular, day to day life, I am sequencing yoga classes to cater to the needs of the students that are practicing with me. I never know what students are going to need, what modifications they might be looking for, or what perceived limitations stand in their way. When I receive a custom order, I see it as my biggest compliment. You are trusting me! Wow, so lovely to be trusted.

I will never take this for granted! Almost two years ago now, my yoga teacher training sister asked me to make her a DIAPER WREATH CATCHER to adorn the door of a bridal shower she was hosting.

This was a great challenge! Here are some bullet points for ya-

-After creating this diaper catcher, it was my most popular etsy listing for over a year. This is a popular DIY that comes up when you Pinterest or research lovely things to do for your momma-to-be. I proceeded to sell one to a lovely woman in the East Coast, and ….

-It was a bitch to ship! I will not be shipping these anymore in the future. I am hoping to create a DIY listing on youtube, teaching people how to create this. I also am happy to make them LOCALLY in San Diego

-If you live in San Diego, I can make you one of these catchers and hand-deliver it to your home. The cost is $128, and I need 2 weeks to make it.

-The diapers are not reusable 😦 This was a hard pill for me to swallow, as I try to be as eco friendly as I can possibly be. I use hot glue to keep the diapers crisp and seamless, and no booty wants glue on it!

-This is a unisex order; you are looking at photos from a GIRL themed baby shower where the mamas wanted crystal, pink and nude tones. I am very non-binary in my work, and will happily create something as masculine or as feminine as you see fit. I create what you are looking for, and energy read and work for who the dream catcher is for. Sex and gender are irrevelant when sending love and reiki to clients in their dream state!

-I would love to teach you how to make this. IF you buy all the supplies (I can shop, suggest, or supply shopping list), and live in San Diego, I will come over for $25 and teach you how to make this yourself. Optional- bottle of wine 🙂

-Vegan options available. In lieu of feathers and leather, I use synthetic suede, pom poms, and fabric straps for the tendrils

Thanks Sarah! I think of you and Monica all the TIME. You are my muse for this Monday! Without your request, I wouldn’t have birthed this labor of love.

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Teensy Tiny Vegan Tacos – Thankful Thursday

Does anyone else love a romantic cooking date with themselves?

I absolutely love hosting space for other people, cooking for le husband, and trying new recipes. However, I don’t think I realize how long it has been since I truly cooked for myself, and exactly how I wanted it!


Even if you are happily coexisting with others, it is still incredibly important to spend time alone. You truly do not realize how much you cater to other people and their needs until you take them out of the equation! It takes time and energy when you are constantly thinking, Does Linda like this hot sauce, is there enough food for two people, is there enough for seconds, When will Sam be hungry? These small and considerate thoughts are constant for an empath, and it is important to have scheduled times where you turn these thoughts off.


When Josh told me he was taking his brother out for burgers and beer, I knew it was time for me to cook my spicy, teensy tiny tacos, exactly the way I wanted them!
Totally and always, Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan
-First, stiry-fry: beyond beef, minced garlic, Earth Balance butter (10m)
-add corn, chopped cauliflower, 1 cup of your favorite salsa (15m)
-WARM UP YO ’tillas
-spread refried beans onto tortilla as GLUE
-garnish with: raw onion, raw green onion, red romaine lettuce, garlic hummus
Makes- 12 street tacos (about 3 full meals). This continued to be my lunch and dinner the next day!

My self-care routine always included the moving meditation of a homecooked meal for myself. A quick tap into the present moment, tangible work with your hands, and the love language of food- it calms me immediately!
Try to cook yourself exactly what you want when you are feeling anxious or worried. The repetition of chopping, stirring, and cleaning the kitchen really has been a powerful tool to take my mind off of my concerns and to dive deeply into the present moment. I am so incredibly grateful that I learned this life skill about 6 years ago. I had a fabulous therapist (miss you, Tabitha!) who introduced me to chopping vegetables to curb my panic attacks. My fear-based thinking wanted me to resist using sharp objects while anxious, but never in 6 years have a cut my finger during this moving meditation!
When the anxiety is brewing, clear off your kitchen counter and clean out the fridge. Chop and meal prep everything that you have. *also a pro-waste free tip* typically takes 20 minutes, and it is a total win-win for curbing your anxiety and setting yourself up for the week.
OM omm nom
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Vegan Valentine’s Day Charcuterie – #MuseMondays

I have always loved Valentine’s Day! A celebration of love, a vibrant punch of pink, red and purple- I am all about it! Our first Valentine’s Day together, Josh and I were engaged, long-distance, and had a 4 hour Skype date on my living room floor. Josh was in his barracks in Hawaii, cheersing me from many miles away. We drank red wine, alone, together, and I opened his gifts for me. Josh sent me chocolate covered pretzels and flowers! I still have the card that came with them, and when I close my eyes, I can still see everything around me as it was in 2013. Non-vegan at the time, I ate an entire vat of turkey bacon, pancakes, and pretzels with red wine to enjoy our evening. Ha! cf31fa9e-4e9d-45b2-a78a-a0579b404015

Fast forward 7 years later, and Josh still gets me flowers every Valentine’s Day 🙂 and now he can deliver them to me in person, which is the loveliest gift of all! This year, Josh was in charge of drinks and charcuterie ingredients, while I was in charge of DESSERT. We had a night in, and it was so lovely! Enjoy the altar that I created during my morning rituals.

Any other party planners out there that like to pre-set out all of their bowls before show time? The food was so good I never even took a picture. Talk about being in the moment!

The Romance Oracle Deck is amazing and I have included a link to Amazon, where I purchased mine about 4 years ago. I love them and we have gifted them to many people our life, but they aren’t for everyone. The imagery is very heterosexual and white in representation, and so I use and pull accordingly. It is one of many tools that I use to navigate love, and these decks are ‘heavy’ hitters. They do not skirt around your romance life with positive affirmations! Rather, this deck has cards as vast as soul mate, co-dependency, divorce, children in the future, etc. I do not pull from them often, as they give us what we need when we need it!

Update: this deck is going for serious CASH! When I purchased it, I paid less than $20.

Vegan Charcuterie Shopping List:

Greyhound Cocktails- Tito’s Vodka, organic grapefruit juice, 3-4 fresh lemons (websites will tell you to use a little bit of lemon. We are here to tell you to use a LOT OF LEMON)

Veggies- red and yellow pepper, cucumber, cauliflower, snap peas, celery, carrots

Fruits- cuties/clementines, honey crisp apples, strawberries, green grapes

Nuts- roasted unsalted almonds, peanut butter

Cheese: CHAO Gouda slices, Daiya Jalapeño Jack cheese

Dips- BITCHIN’ Sauce, red pepper hummus, salsa

Crunchies- Organic Late July corn tortilla chips (restaurant style!), GF pretzels

Adds: Kalamata Olives, Sauerkraut


VEGAN ICE CREAM CAKE- First, I bake a brownie mix in a very deep 9X13″ glass dish. Honestly, I buy whatever GF mix is for sale, and use Bob’s RED MILL Egg Replacer and Oatly Milk to make it vegan. Let cool and put in freezer overnight. The next day, thaw 2 pints of your favorite ice cream. This takes about 2 hours. Use spatula to distribute ice cream over brownie mix. FREEZE overnight.

Optional- brownie crumbles should be added right before eating so that they do not soften and squish in the freezer. Prepackaged cookies, smashes to smithereens, is a very fun activity! I love adding whipped cream to mine (Soy Delicious has a lovely frozen option), but Josh is a whip-free guy.

Optional adornments: fresh cut sage, rosemary, and eucalyptus sprigs from our garden (recycle tip- use old salsa and sauce glass jars for vases to decorate your hOMe) sacred stones, malachite!


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Beyond Meat Korean Tacos (GF + Vegan) – #ThankfulThursday


Being grateful for food comes very naturally to us! I found these Korean Tacos hiding the fridge section of my local Target and knew that we had to give them a try. I am so grateful for the endless new opportunities that are rising in the gluten free, dairy free and vegan community!

Prior to Beyond Beef, I was unable to enjoy or savor the flavor of meat for 4+ years! I missed the memory and nostalgia of the foods that I grew up with- beef stroganoff, mastacholie, chili and enchiladas just to name a few of the beefy things that brought me joy when I was a kiddo.
We love Beyond Beef and are looking to expand beyond hamburgers! This box was the perfect find with easy ingredients and step by step directions. We were also able to try a few new ingredients that we have never had before: GOCHUJANG. We were scared that it would be too spicy, so we only added half. My advice? Use the whole packet- it’s really not much heat! It is flavor and savor; we are very intolerant to spicy foods and this stuff is tame.


This made a ton of food! 8 tortillas are provided so we each got 4 tacos. 3 was plenty for me, and Josh ate 5! I believe the full-priced box was $19.99, but my local Target had a $10 off coupon for trying to product.
BEWARE: There are many other local crate boxes to choose from, and most of them have animal products. I almost came home with a delicious chicken dish, and then I realized that it was not Vegan. As always, be diligent when reading labels. This is a new an unprecedented time in our society, where Vegan food is much more accessible. Now, when you want to buy plant-based beef, it is located next to the actual meat. I love this, because it creates accessibility for the meat eaters, but it can be tricky for the vegan. I have to go to 5-6 departments in my local grocery to get my usuals. Vegan cheese is in a different part of the deli, nowhere near the dairy. Soyrizo is next to the bacon, beyond beef is at the meat counter,  and many products need to be frozen (GF Vegan bread, for example).

I would absolutely create this dish again! To save money, I am on the hunt for a Vegan + GF Korean BBQ Sauce to keep on hand and we can make our own tacos. Any suggestions highly appreciated!
Happy eating; we are so grateful for food (especially in true San Diego Style- taco form).

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Vegan Mistakes and Heartbreaks!

Greetings, OMies! Today is day 11 since I have become Vegan; I sure didn’t expect to be perfect! A few days ago I was packing husband road snacks and happened to check the ingredients of this gluten-free brownie brittle. It is delicious, by the way.

Context: A few weeks ago, I made Josh a dairy-free, gluten-free ice cream cake for his birthday! In all reality, I ate the entire thing for myself. Regardless, I wrote off that the dessert was Vegan, but I did not realize that the brownie crumble I put on top of the ice cream cake has EGGS. Eggs has been the hardest thing for me to replace! I don’t love using chia seeds or bananas for egg replacement; if anyone has suggestions for egg substitutions please let me know!

It must have been Day 6 0r 7 of my Vegan quest when I ate these brownies! Alas, I will not purchase them for myself again and sent them away with Josh. I am sad I made a mistake but also knew it was bound to happen! Luckily, I do not have any food allergies to eggs. If I made a mistake with dairy or gluten, I would be dealing with the consequences. I wonder if, in time, I will have a sensitivity to eggs and will be able to tell if I have been contaminated.

Farewell, eggs….On a lighter note, I thought I would share my ridiculously large and delicious dinner:

-COOKS Rosemary Garlic Bread (flying through this loaf at an alarming rate)

-Soyrizo, cooked with kidney beans

-Cauliflower, cooked with garlic, yellow onion, salsa and olive oil

NAMASTE Friends! Gratitude for this meal.