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Meet our Golden Toothed ALOE – Corder Nursery Catalogue addition for #TeacherTuesday

cutie patoot!
look at her go! Would you like to see update pics?

Welcome to this week’s Teacher Tuesdays! During this week of quarantine and solitude, we have been enjoying our time playing in the dirt and taking inventory of the plants that we have. Some of our plants are doing amazing during this Spring Equinox! One of our thriving plants this March 2020 is ALOE. We have many different types of Aloe- see our galleries for more pictures!

I am excited to watch this pup grow. She is the biggest of the bunch we have.

Current inventory: 4 Golden Tooth Aloe (with pups)

Aloe nobilis (Golden Toothed Aloe) – An evergreen rosette-forming succulent that suckers profusely, creating a large grouping to 18 inches tall of fleshy green leaves that have a tint of rose color on the tips and yellow to white, sharp but flexible teeth running along the edges with a few in spots on the inside of the leaves.


Play with dirt and use safe practices! A few hours of organizing soil has uplifted our mood so much. What a great way to curb our anxiety and be creative with the plants that we already have.

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In-House Plant Nursery Updates – #ThankfulThursdays

Enjoy a little archive of the projects that we have been working on in our back yard! We love watching our little plants grow, taking cuts, giving, receiving, and replanting our plant babies.  Here is a little update on some of the things we have been working on.


This cute janky table was a free find! Josh found it in Little Italy and sure know how to cover a table QUICKLY. This awesome, vintage, light and portable table reminds me of many tables from our childhood that our parents still use!

We have so many baskets of cuts! We covered two outdoor tables with every single cut we had left and took inventory. We kept planting until we ran out of DIRT! We are always actively looking for pots, soil, and what we call ‘HOSPITAL PLANTS’- plants that need serious TLC that we would love to rehab and nurse back to life.
We have too much JADE! If you need any jade cuts, please come over and we’ll hack a few limbs off for ya.

Every time I see a plant that was gifted to me by someone else, I think of them! I walk past each plant, “Thanks Lacee, thanks Jamaica, thanks Lydia, thanks brother….”
We love to give and receive the gift of plants!

When I was in my Reiki I training, we did a lot of practice with plants. Watering the plants, observing the plants, and holding hands over the plants are a few of the ways we tapped into the magic of healing. Ever since this exercise, I have felt more aligned with the moving meditation that planting brings. I feel excited, creative, and like I am constantly running out of pots. Ha!

Featured: ALOE

Featured: EUPHORBIA (Called MEDUSA’s HEAD- we are excited to feature this plant soon in detail! She needs a re-pot. We were gifted this gorgeous plant two years ago from my grandmother for Christmas! Thanks ALICE 🙂