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Tarot Teacher Tuesdays- The Tower

March’s Messenger
My last day at work, March 16th 2020 – I LOVE YOU HAPA YOGA

Greetings OMies! What a post I have today. I started writing it 3 Tuesdays ago, and rescheduled it each Tuesday. Real Talk- I procrastinate on doing things I really want to do, and often postpone until I feel ready and shoved in that direction. Not with everything, but always with something!

About 4 years ago, I heard the call to learn the Tarot. I have been patiently and diligently studying ever since, and have enjoyed it as a hobby. Learning Tarot starts with incredible intimidation, and I have YOGA to thank for noticing this. I felt the same way about learning Tarot as I did about becoming a yoga teacher, and look where I am now! I put the pedal to the metal and began my svadhyaya, self-study.

At first, I was only pulling a full Celtic Spread once very few months. I would write down each card, spend time reading through their various meanings, and revisit my notes as my life would unfold. This process was suggested to me by an incredible Tarot Card Reader, and looking back, I agree. The story unfolding in the Celtic Spread comes in many lengths, and the life questions that I had were long and tedious. As years went by, her musings and predictions came true, falling into place the best way she was able to describe.

I feel empowered knowing where I am and what my next steps can be, and so Tarot works for me. I do pull cards when friends ask me to, and I am working towards being able to pull cards comfortably at any time, to any one. Thank you Yoga! Just like being a yoga teacher, I started with a small population. I only taught friends I knew. It took me years and thousands of hours of practice for me to understand different bodies, limitations, boundaries, perceptions, and myself. Now, I am comfortable that I can serve and support anyone with Yoga needs, and I know that one day I will feel this way about tarot.

My OMie Sabrina and I were sitting on the floor, shooting the shit, having a grand ole time cackling like old hens, when we pulled out my Tarot deck. I learned a new pull, a 7 card set up that speaks to me, and I was explaining to Sabrina how it works and pulled the cards for me. I explained their positioning, I pulled the Tower.

The tower stands out to me because I have never pulled it before! YALL I am serious. Don’t we all have certain cards we just never see?! Especially from the Major Arcana. Side note- I always pull the Hermit. Like, like always. I have it tattooed on my forearm, we have a special relationship, we chat often. The Tower? Never met ’em! I read the description, wondered, and we moved on.

We talked about the Lannister tower, from Game of Thrones. Bran, one of our favorites, would not have his gift of sight to save the world if he didn’t get pushed out of the tower. My insides tighten as I think of this forseeable tower in my life.

Sabrina’s turn! We pull her spread of 7. Same position- that gaddamn tower! We wonder what this tower means and are really glad that we both pulled it together, as if we got leprosy in unison and were in this together.

Our day date was March 7th, and the pandemic hit only a week after. We were both drastically affected in the same way, as we work and practice at the same yoga studio.

Why I am explaining all of this? Each card has a story, and it takes life and understanding to slowly comb through the messages that the cards bring. Listen to them, take time to reflect, and find truly awesome friends and loved ones to set the space with.

Grab your OMie, your furry friend, and a clean slate. Set an altar, try pulling a few cards, and reflect on as much as you can retain. When you know the message isn’t clear, be proud of your awareness.

Last tip? Follow tarot hashtags on Instagram. #fiveofswords keeps me humble when I need it most! Love and light my friends,


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#TeenYoga and the Positive Affects of Moving Meditation- Teacher Tuesday

I love teaching teen yoga! Some days, we practice asana. Some days, we practice meditation and breathing. And some days, we color!

I have ample coloring books at home, and took the time to photocopy the pages that had powerful words of affirmation. Faith, love, and smiles accompanied the coloring pages and pencils that I brought for 90+ teen girls to play with!After a few rounds of breath, intention setting, and card pulling, we had an hour to color. Students were able to decorate the halls with their mandalas, or take them home to gift to loved ones.

Strips of colored (and recycled) construction paper were provided to write letters of gratitude and leave them on windshields, lockers, and purses of loved ones. No one regrets a handwritten note attached to an act of kindness. Moving meditation is powerful. Coloring and connecting with OMies is a great way to team-build, as well as practicing Saucha etiquette of cleanliness and shared tools/space.

I loved coloring with the teens, as well as pulling cards from Thich Nhat Hanh’s EVERYDAY PEACE CARDS. I found this deck at a funky bookstore in Oakland, CA. May you find bliss in the ritual, share it with others, and take time to reflect on why it really matters. This is a great itinerary for a group of 12-18 year olds, lasting us about 65-70 minutes of play. 

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Vegan Valentine’s Day Charcuterie – #MuseMondays

I have always loved Valentine’s Day! A celebration of love, a vibrant punch of pink, red and purple- I am all about it! Our first Valentine’s Day together, Josh and I were engaged, long-distance, and had a 4 hour Skype date on my living room floor. Josh was in his barracks in Hawaii, cheersing me from many miles away. We drank red wine, alone, together, and I opened his gifts for me. Josh sent me chocolate covered pretzels and flowers! I still have the card that came with them, and when I close my eyes, I can still see everything around me as it was in 2013. Non-vegan at the time, I ate an entire vat of turkey bacon, pancakes, and pretzels with red wine to enjoy our evening. Ha! cf31fa9e-4e9d-45b2-a78a-a0579b404015

Fast forward 7 years later, and Josh still gets me flowers every Valentine’s Day 🙂 and now he can deliver them to me in person, which is the loveliest gift of all! This year, Josh was in charge of drinks and charcuterie ingredients, while I was in charge of DESSERT. We had a night in, and it was so lovely! Enjoy the altar that I created during my morning rituals.

Any other party planners out there that like to pre-set out all of their bowls before show time? The food was so good I never even took a picture. Talk about being in the moment!

The Romance Oracle Deck is amazing and I have included a link to Amazon, where I purchased mine about 4 years ago. I love them and we have gifted them to many people our life, but they aren’t for everyone. The imagery is very heterosexual and white in representation, and so I use and pull accordingly. It is one of many tools that I use to navigate love, and these decks are ‘heavy’ hitters. They do not skirt around your romance life with positive affirmations! Rather, this deck has cards as vast as soul mate, co-dependency, divorce, children in the future, etc. I do not pull from them often, as they give us what we need when we need it!

Update: this deck is going for serious CASH! When I purchased it, I paid less than $20.

Vegan Charcuterie Shopping List:

Greyhound Cocktails- Tito’s Vodka, organic grapefruit juice, 3-4 fresh lemons (websites will tell you to use a little bit of lemon. We are here to tell you to use a LOT OF LEMON)

Veggies- red and yellow pepper, cucumber, cauliflower, snap peas, celery, carrots

Fruits- cuties/clementines, honey crisp apples, strawberries, green grapes

Nuts- roasted unsalted almonds, peanut butter

Cheese: CHAO Gouda slices, Daiya Jalapeño Jack cheese

Dips- BITCHIN’ Sauce, red pepper hummus, salsa

Crunchies- Organic Late July corn tortilla chips (restaurant style!), GF pretzels

Adds: Kalamata Olives, Sauerkraut


VEGAN ICE CREAM CAKE- First, I bake a brownie mix in a very deep 9X13″ glass dish. Honestly, I buy whatever GF mix is for sale, and use Bob’s RED MILL Egg Replacer and Oatly Milk to make it vegan. Let cool and put in freezer overnight. The next day, thaw 2 pints of your favorite ice cream. This takes about 2 hours. Use spatula to distribute ice cream over brownie mix. FREEZE overnight.

Optional- brownie crumbles should be added right before eating so that they do not soften and squish in the freezer. Prepackaged cookies, smashes to smithereens, is a very fun activity! I love adding whipped cream to mine (Soy Delicious has a lovely frozen option), but Josh is a whip-free guy.

Optional adornments: fresh cut sage, rosemary, and eucalyptus sprigs from our garden (recycle tip- use old salsa and sauce glass jars for vases to decorate your hOMe) sacred stones, malachite!


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Measured Ingredients for the Perfect Spell- #ThankfulThursdays

What a busy week! I asked Josh, what should I be thankful for on Thankful Thursday? He replied, ‘your self-determination’. Insert- CRYING! Thanks for the support, babe. I have had an impending due date hanging over my head for 3 months, and I have successfully sent in my application to my MA program TODAY. With infinite abundance to be grateful for today, I really couldn’t go wrong with what I am writing about- NO ONE regrets gratitude.

With self determination comes great self care. I have had a checklist posted on the back of our office door for MONTHS, listing all of the tasks I slowly needed to enjoy checking off. I love setting myself up for success!  I knew that I needed to supplement with feelings of success, pampering and motivation to work as hard as I do.


I love writing thank you’s! However, I am terribly poor at mailing them. 1 month ago, I wrote all of my heartfelt thank-yous to loved ones for Christmas, Yuletide, and Birthday blessings in December. After much procrastination, I finally pulled out the ole address book and put these magical stamps as a morning meditation exercise. When I am feeling dull, I grab 3-5 blank notebook cards and write thank yous to the first few people that come to mind. This is a great act of SEVA to yourself, and others. Angel cards- I love letting the divine lead. As an avid card puller, both angel and tarot, I enjoy reading messages through the eyes of others. Every few months, I budget for us to buy a deck or two. They really inspire the collective and add an element of affirmation to my life. Here is a link to a similar deck, same illustrator, different theme.

Interested in having your cards pulled? I offer card readings, both in written form and in personal hOMe spreads. Feel free to reach out to me at another way to get to know yourself and your partner! To keep myself grounded, I like to pull a rune. This one will serve us for many moons and I likely will not pull another one for myself for months. This one has truly guided Josh and I with answers to long-asked questions; I am excited to share more about this particular RUNE PULL in the future.  Yoga therapy- I booked an appointment and met with my Yoga Therapist! This is one of my favorite new forms of self care. In the past, I used to budget about $100/month for my yoga membership. Now that I teach asana, I have the privilege of infinite access and have been looking for mentorship in both student and teacher capacities. My Yoga Therapist, Susana Jones, is also the leader of the teacher training program that I graduated from and a guiding light on my path! In this week’s appointment, we discussed my future Yoga Nidra practices, the absence of demonstration in my teaching, and shoulder awareness as I bring my body back to a state of BLISS. No wonder I feel so determined and magical this week!


Having a mentor that you can turn to on a professional and spiritual level is an incredibly powerful business tool that I will never take for granted. Just appreciate when you feel divinely guided to study under another! Thanks for taking me under your wing, Urban Yogi. Chanting, chimes, calories, cheesy bread in bed- what more can a girl want? In order to conjure magic, you need a little bit of all the right ingredients. Cook’s rosemary sourdough bread and daiya cheese have made my VEGAN fantasies come true! If you have a busy week coming up, pamper yourself with pre-scheduled self care. Whether spiritual, monetary, or physical, find pleasure in the journey and appreciate how hard you are able to work. I will never take this mind for granted!