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Stewardess Refill #2 – Free Little Library Fridays

The only books inside of the library when I arrived. These 3 were NOT in the library when I first stocked its shelves a week ago, meaning that people are truly participating the mantra, take a book, leave a book!
Thank you, Sabrina, for the 100+ book donation! I am thrilled to share these books with the community, and to have kept a few for myself (for now!!!)
My second stewardess refill at this library!

Greeting, family!

On this week’s free little library feature, I decided to revisit a library in my neighborhood that is well underserved.

With the most foot traffic of all of the free little libraries around, I have made it a priority to stop by this location about once a week. Thank you, everyone, who continues to donate books to my favorite cause, as this does not go unnoticed.

With two trips to the car and a smile on my face, I continued to refill this library. I have noticed that this library does splendid in the rain, is energetically magnetic, and I am looking forward to stopping by again today or tomorrow, as I have truck-load of refills for this prettylilthang.

Want to read about my first refill at this sacred station? Click here.

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Sitting on a Bench Meditation Script- #WellReadWednesdays

What can I say? In times of pandemic, I have a little more time than usual to reflect on what’s most important to me.

I wanted to start off my post by saying that my husband, dog and I are doing well during this trying time. We do not have symptoms of this epidemic, we are fully stocked and prepared, and we have one another to depend on.

Financially, we are certainly taking a hit. My computer changed this to ‘taking a shit’, and I find this timely and true! I am used to teaching 12-15 yoga classes a week, in person, with the community that I serve in San Diego. After my predominant employer had to shut down during Corona Virus mandated shut-downs, we have shifted to uploading our content virtually!

Today, I taught our set-sequenced class, Hot as a Mutha, on Instagram live. I have never done this before! It was thrilling and felt similar to teaching on the mat. I can’t even begin to tell you how much the regular students hold us ‘teachers’ accountable to the practice. Can I sustain a 2 week quarantine without 30 NAMASTES of service and gratitude? Quite frankly, no, and so I will continue to upload content for my friends and family to enjoy.

Really, this is an archive and a diary entry for one of the most trying times that I have survived on this planet so far. In my lifetime, I have endured 911, a Type 1 diabetic diagnosis, the San Diego wildfires, and so far, this pandemic, and they all feel similar. Earth shattering, strangely calm, and luckily, we have the rest of our lifetime to process this trauma that has been inflicted on our people. And also, a great healing has been bestowed upon us. I see the beauty in this wake-up call.

May we see this as a time to heal and to love when we need it post! I have been divinely guided to share this meditative script, of which I have written and shared with the past few yoga classes I have taught.

Read this meditative script slowly to yourself, your friends, and your loved ones. Allow 5 minutes.

Begin in a seated posture. I suggest something with back support, such as a chair. Savasana/aying down is always an option.

May you begin to awaken your sense of creativity and you third eye, as you join me on a journey of the breath.

As you inhale, start to close your eyes and ground down. As you exhale, let your eyes gently roll into the back of the head and take yourself to a simple, unclenched, unfurrowed meditatite state.

Before you lies a bench. First thing that comes to mind…imagine sitting down on a bench of solitude that overlooks an infinite body of water.

Ocean, lake, river…you happily sit on your bench and look over the cascading horizon, feeling grounded and at peace in your seat.

Feel the bench beneath you, as your imagination starts to paint a picture of the horizon.

Blue waters, gentle setting sun, and the salty breeze that sways you further into your meditative state.

At peace, you look down and notice a folded piece of paper. As you bend over, you pick it up, slowly unfolding the message that lies before you.

At the top of the page, you slowly read to yourself:

I am rational

I am level-headed

I choose to lead with compassion for the rest of the day.

This resonates with you. You take a deep inhale, exhale, and read this mantra to yourself once more.

I am rational

I am level-headed

I choose to lead with compassion for the rest of the day.

You take this piece of paper, fold it back into its familiar creases, and tuck it into your pocket. knowing that you have infinite access to this bench for the rest of the day, you slowly stand, leaving your bench.

Mantra in hand, you are able to take your moving meditation with you  for the rest of the day.

Namaste, OMies! I truly miss all of you on the mat and am joining you in solidarity as we quarantine and connect on a spiritual level.



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Loyola Marymount University- Yoga Studies #MuseMondays

Two weeks ago, Josh and I had the pleasure of driving to Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA, to attend their Graduate Program Open House. I recently finished (and submitted, yahoo!) my application to their Yoga Studies Graduate Program and was curious to find out more.

LMU offers a low-residency option for their Yoga Studies program, meaning that 78% of your education is accessible virtually. This is ideal for a San Diegan that is not looking to leave!

Takeaways- the cohort is small. I was the only attendant at the event who had applied to the program, and one of 4 total people that came with curiosities regarding Yoga. I have goals of becoming a Yoga Therapist, and this cannot be accessed with their low-residency format. Food for thought as I make continuing steps with my career!

I do feel disheartened about the lack of communication. I have emailed twice since my attendance of this event and my application, and have yet to hear a response back. I live by a motto of quick draw-McGraw meets gung-ho superhero- I move quickly! I don’t expect the same, but I do respond well to it! 🙂

The campus is gorgeous, and the program is well-structured. While initially sold, I have lost my luster for the program since applying and am curious to hear back from them. However, Josh and I had an amazing day date! This campus and program was my muse from November til February of this year, and I am excited to share the written pieces I crafted for their admissions. This application prompted us to get a new laptop, start daily writing rituals, and seek counsel from friends that I respect the most. What a gift!After giving ourselves our own tour of the campus, we left for Plant Power at their Long Beach location. First timers, we were thrilled to eat our favorite fast food before sitting in the dreaded LA to SD traffic. Only 13 parking spaces at our burger joint made me anxious, but the gods guided us into a skinny spot! Burgers, Yoga, and babe- it was a great Saturday.

I think I saved $40K!

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Stewardess Refill- #FreeLittleLibraryFridays

On this week’s very special feature, I am pleased to introduce the COMMUNITY MINI LIBRARY  of Clairemont! Located in an extremely public place (on a corner of a busy intersection, near a church, bus stop, and apartment complex), this library is one of the most accessible here in San Diego.

Unregistered, you can tell this cute little punk rocker was made with love by a cOMmunity of like-minded people.I love the apple knob! Are you kidding me? Heart eyes. There were only 2 books in this library when we met one another. I immediately refilled, and inbetween trips to the car, someone came and took the Insurgent series! I was happy to offload so many books and completely restock this library.

Update: 4 days later, library has half of its books remaining. I am honored to serve, community! I just know they are going to the right place. Most of the libraries I visit get little foot traffic and books will stay put inside for months at a time. I don’t take it personally, but my very own gets about 1 hit a week! This library, in comparison, will need weekly filling. I am honored to serve as a secret stewardess. Peep the pineapple in the background, a good omen indeed!

In case you need a little chair yoga and want to flow with me…

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Saucha Stewardess Duties – #TeacherTuesdays

Cleanliness is a no brainer when it comes to YOGA!

I am hoping to bridge the gap, connect the disconnect, of life-grooming etiquette that comes with starting a yoga practice. SAUCHA, which is a Sanskrit word and pillar in the foundations of yoga, refers to cleanliness. There are infinite ways to express cleanliness with the body, mind and spirit. While studio classes can lightly dip toes in the concept, I really wanted to dive in for my teen yogis. Cleanliness changed my life! It now brings me such joy.

When teaching at a high school, it was imperative for me to implement the discipline of SAUCHA. Not only does cleanliness align with any and all school principles and values, but it also instills respect. Prior to creating the ZEN DEN, pictured in the photos above, there was a physical disrespect present with their yoga tools. Mats danced with basketballs, volleyball nets, garbage, lost and found items, theater props, HIIT equipment- think, storage closet chaos.


Yoga mats and props must be treated with respect, just like you treat the pillow that you rest your head on for a good night’s sleep. I found that it was easy to hold my students accountable to cleanliness for 2 solid reasons:

  1. I instilled SAUCHA STEWARD/ESS into their grade. They received participation points for maintaining the tidiness of the prop area, as well as group participation points for creating YOGA MAT SPRAY, cleaning their mats, and practicing moving meditation. I taught a class on how to use essential oils to clean everything, and at the end of teach week, we clean our mats with tea tree oil and water! We use recycled cleaning spray bottles, decorated with fun Yoga images 🙂
  2.  Cleanliness genuinely brings joy. With only a few weeks of upkeep, the Den can maintain a true level of ZEN. Discipline breeds freedom, and the calming affect of having a clean space is undeniable. When the room is disrespected, it sticks out right away. Most students find motivation in keeping the den clean after practicing cleanliness regularly.

I chose to decorate the ZEN DEN with their coloring pages! Students practiced moving meditation with mandala coloring. Letters of gratitude, and the definition of SAUCHA, are also provided and taped onto the walls.

You know I wanted to stick a Free Little Library in there! 🙂

I loved implementing SAUCHA into the classroom because I was never taught cleanliness in an academic setting.

I had one foundational math teacher in my Catholic high-schooling who was a stickler for handwriting, written formula steps, and cleanliness of our homework assignments. While I loathed her at 17, I adore her at 29, and so I hope to truly empower the meaning of NAMASTE and pass forward the act of cleanliness by example. This takes unique forms, and I love the challenge of applying SAUCHA to all subjects!

UPCYCLE TIP- these bins are all old packing bins I have acquired over the years. I had been meaning to reorganize 6-7 bins that we have stored, and this prompted me to DETACH, clean, organize, and SAUCHA myself. Ah, the student-teacher relationship. Some of these old bins said ‘XMAS’ decorations from my parent’s old shed! I decorated and covered the fronts with what I have and donated them to the cause. PRO TIP- adhere with GLUE GUN instead of tape.


And truly, it’s not that hard to stack your yoga mats in lovely unison! WHAT A PRIVILEGE IT IS TO HAVE YOGA IN SCHOOL, to have individual mats you do not have to share, and to have safe place to store them without needing to lug it to and fro. You have it lucky, my loves! 🙂


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Vegan Mistakes and Heartbreaks!

Greetings, OMies! Today is day 11 since I have become Vegan; I sure didn’t expect to be perfect! A few days ago I was packing husband road snacks and happened to check the ingredients of this gluten-free brownie brittle. It is delicious, by the way.

Context: A few weeks ago, I made Josh a dairy-free, gluten-free ice cream cake for his birthday! In all reality, I ate the entire thing for myself. Regardless, I wrote off that the dessert was Vegan, but I did not realize that the brownie crumble I put on top of the ice cream cake has EGGS. Eggs has been the hardest thing for me to replace! I don’t love using chia seeds or bananas for egg replacement; if anyone has suggestions for egg substitutions please let me know!

It must have been Day 6 0r 7 of my Vegan quest when I ate these brownies! Alas, I will not purchase them for myself again and sent them away with Josh. I am sad I made a mistake but also knew it was bound to happen! Luckily, I do not have any food allergies to eggs. If I made a mistake with dairy or gluten, I would be dealing with the consequences. I wonder if, in time, I will have a sensitivity to eggs and will be able to tell if I have been contaminated.

Farewell, eggs….On a lighter note, I thought I would share my ridiculously large and delicious dinner:

-COOKS Rosemary Garlic Bread (flying through this loaf at an alarming rate)

-Soyrizo, cooked with kidney beans

-Cauliflower, cooked with garlic, yellow onion, salsa and olive oil

NAMASTE Friends! Gratitude for this meal.

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Le Vegan, Le Thankful

Somewhere in 2013- I gave up Gluten. Farewell, bear claws.

Cinco de Mayo 2015 I gave up dairy. Farewell, momma’s homemade queso dip.

July 31st 2016, I gave up red meat. Farewell, chorizo cooked on an outdoor fire somewhere near Mt. Shasta.

January 18th 2018 I gave up chicken. Farewell, fajitas at El Zarape. (And sorry husband, I died at dinner on your birthday)

January 30th 2020, the day I went Vegan! Farewell animal products.

I love and accept everyone unconditionally as they are and as they eat. I am surrounded by variety. I respect how everyone chooses to nourish their body and that it’s nonna anyone’s gaddam business. I co-exist in harmony. But if my journey resonates, if you need an ear, just one call away, I am here. This means big changes for my (our) business, and I’m not too sure about how to navigate with my wardrobe. Side note does anyone else remember dates like I do? I can clearly remember each food break-up I ever had. Today is the first day it didn’t feel like I had to give up anything. I just went there 🙂

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Meet Darlene 

After avid searching, we finally found our perfect mate! We purchased our newest addition to our family, a 1998 25” Sandpiper. We can’t wait to spruce up the inside; we have been plotting and scheming over laminate tiles, paint swatches and DIY websites. Check out our velour fabric panel inlays, valances and curtain tracks! Yikes.


We can’t wait to convert the bunk beds into a storage area for cordercollective shenanigans. Time to get our hands dirty 😈